About me

My wife, two children and our cat I keep company. In the Netherlands, right between the largest rivers, is where I live.

Being a financial risk consultant gives me a lot, both content and interaction wise, but also gives enough reason to relax off-site. Photography is my way to (try to) be creative without others interfering.

The black-and-white negatives and darkroom prints from the schools photography club go back to around age 14, but like many others I only began to take photography seriously since photography entered the digital age.

David Ward, Joe Cornish, Jonathan Chritchley, Theo Bosboom, Rita Fernandes and Bart Siebelink to name few, are talented artist I followed workshops with. No competitions entered, no awards won and I do sometimes struggle with “quality”.

To show beauty is my Leitmotiv, see my portfolio for examples.